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Exceptional white pearl is offered! Sold to Bahrain

WW Gremilia is sired by 1/2 straight egyptian 1/2 Polish Emiliusz. Emiliusz is a true champion stallion. He won many shows, below some of his results:

• Rio Gold Champion Stallion, Angra dos Reis (Brasil)
• Tulip Cup Silver Champion Stallion (The netherlands)
• Scandinavian Blomerod Gold medal Champion Stallion (Sweden)
• National Gold Champion Stallion of Sweden

Emiliusz was bred by world famous Michalov state stud in Poland. His father Laheeb was the first straight Egyptian stallion ever leased to the Polish state studs!
Father of Emiliusz is world famous and legendary Laheeb!! Laheeb was many times Israely national Gold Champion. He was leased to Polish state stud and later to the United States. In the United States he was Gold Champion Egyptian Event.

The mares dam Grenlandia is straight Polish broodmare still owned by W arabians standing with the beautiful collection of mares with Johanna Ulstrom. She also won many shows:
• Polish Gold champion senior Mare (Poland)
• Silver medal Champion Bordeaux Arabian Masters (France)
• Gold medal Champion mare Towerlands (Great Britain)

WW Gremilia is an exceptional mover with a lot af Arabian type. She is a perfect breeding and Show prospect.

A unique opportunity to get the best from both Polish and Egyptian lines!!!!

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